Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Major: Ceramics) at RMIT University Melbourne, Australia | FEB 2015 - DEC 2018


Assistant and Collaborator of Cho Won-Seok, a ceramic artist in Korea Seoul, Korea and Nanjing, China | NOV 2016 - Present
Actively reached out Mr. Cho and worked with him in various projects to study the techniques related to carving and piercing In December 2017, had a joint ceramic art exhibition (Openwork) with Mr. Cho at Nanjing W Art Space, which was curated by Hongmei, an associate professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts; the exhibition was reported by a dozen of media including Xinhua News, the leading media in China; created and translated the brochure of the exhibition In 2017, assisted Mr. Cho in his stall at Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, a prestigious art fair in ceramics In 2016, contributed to Mr. Cho’s commercial with Seoul Bund, a renowned fashion brand, on a series of designs of homeware; learned how the process of commercialization

Assistant of Professor Bin Lu, a leading figure in ceramic technique and culture Various Location | SEP 2016 - DEC 2017
From September 2016 to May 2017, joined Professor Lu’s government-funded research “Metamorphosis - the Past and Present of the Purple Sand Clay Slab Building Process” as an interpreter in his field study in both Korea and Fuji Contributed to the resulting documentary, the world’s first film in search of the origin and development of slab building technique, attained in-depth exposure to this time-honored technique and received education on the overall development of ceramics From December 2017 to January 2018, participated into the brainstorming, design, and creation of an interior wall ornament “Curling Waves”, which was over 180 square meter, for the Jumeirah Nanjing Hotel designed by Zaha Hadid; studied how to communicate and liaise with world-leading architecture and design firms

Cofounder of KangXi Studio Nanjing, China | FEB 2014 - DEC 2016
Led over twenty design projects where we created artworks, ranging from sculptures to tableware, based on the specific demands of high-end customers including listed companies and government recognized cultural organizations

Freelance Artist and Apprentice
Jingdezhen, China | DEC 2013 - DEC 2014 Took a gap year after high school graduation and studied ceramic designs and techniques in Jingdezhen through individual work, collaboration and apprenticeship Collaborated with an ceramic artist Joe and a scholar from Harvard University in Hand Project where we collected ceramic glove molds, painted them, and put on a contemporary art exhibition in a deserted construction site at Jingdezhen


Co-founder of 1818, a cultural project Melbourne, Australia | JUN 2018 - Present
Collaborate with professors, artists, and scholars and liaise with City of Melbourne for a series of exhibitions and speeches to accentuate the creative ideas of Asians and to break the stereotype against the creativity of people with Asian background


Ceramics-related: Wheel Throwing, Neriage, Soda Firing, Wood Firing, Saga Firing, Raku Firing, Plaster Mono Print, Carving, Piercing, Slip Casting, Mould Making, Inlay, Slab Building, Coiling, Glazing, Laster Painting, Decal Transfer
Two-dimensional: Painting, Drawing, Screen Printing, Ink Printing, Film Developing, Wax Painting Computer: 3D Sketch Up, Rhino , Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Auto CAD, Adobe Premiere Rush, Scan Photography


Graduation Exhibition at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia | 2018) Serendipity at RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia | 2018)
Openwork at W Art Space (Nanjing, China | 2017)
Delve at Abbotsford Convent (Melbourne, Australia | 2017)
Playing Ground at Allison Bell (Melbourne, Australia | 2017)
Around the Table at Craft Victoria (Melbourne, Australia | 2017)
Mobjects at A Mob of Objects (Melbourne, Australia | 2016)